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A hospital is a place where all patients come to be treated for various diseases they are suffering from. Some of them may suffer from a minor injury or disease, while some of them may be critical and suffering from major diseases. The hospital must be prepared for all types of patients. The best way to handle different kinds of patients is to set up different departments.

Each department must handle patients as per their core working areas. Such departmentalization would not only make the working efficient but will also prove to be effective for the patients. Instead of gathering all the patients at one place and wasting their valuable time, we can separate them into departments and start the treatment as soon as possible.

Some patients that are in need of emergency service will also be benefitted from such services.

The top 3 departments that every hospital must have are:

  1. Accident and Emergency department:

This department is a must for every hospital. We can never predict an accident or sudden major symptoms of a disease. The emergency department should always be well prepared for such incidences. The hospitals should not only be ready with a doctor for such emergency treatments but should also the subordinating staff who can provide the ancillary services. Mostly, such cases are registered at night. Hence, hospitals should offer such facilities at night as well.

  1. Critical Care:

More commonly known as ICU i.e. Intensive care unit. Certain patients need close and regular monitoring. Sometimes, a normal patient would also need to be shifted to this department if his/her condition worsens. Hence, a critical care department is essential.

  1. Cardiology:

This department is related to heart problems. Looking into the number of heart patients and the emergency services needed by them, this department is undoubtedly a necessary department.

Apart from these, there are various other departments needed by the hospitals that are also important for e.g. anesthetics, geriatrics, general surgery, gynecology etc. But looking into the severity, the above-mentioned 3 departments are the most important.

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