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Hospitals are definitely a source of relief for everyone. However, a visit to a hospital is not the favorite moment for most people, mostly because the air is always reeking of medicines in there. Also, the atmosphere is always so dreary. Instead of feeling optimistic about the recovery from the disease, one cannot help but feel let down by the sight of illness all around. The children’s hospitals are, however, quite contrary to this description.

The whole atmosphere is genial and is specially made conducive to accommodate small children. Toys, games and the occasional candies that are commonly found here would lift any kid’s spirits high. It keeps children occupied and removes the fear out of their minds. The whole point is to make them at ease with the place. Even the adults accompanying the children can benefit from this cheerful atmosphere.

Everyone — from the receptionist to the doctor is friendly. The walls are almost always adorned with charts and posters that look and feel positive. Also, there may be quite educational even for the grown-ups! It is the basic things that everyone tends to forget. The whole hospital will, in short, have a friendly aura.

The children’s hospitals, as the name suggests, are established solely to meet the needs of children. Various studies have shown that children benefit from the healthcare provided at these centers much more than what they obtain from the routine ones. It is because the doctors employed in these hospitals are given specialized training that enables them to meet the unique needs of children. Even the routine procedures undertaken in hospitals are carried out with much more caution and safety in the children’s hospitals.

One important thing that parents should keep in mind is that the body science of children is much different from that of adults. It is unwise to simplify it is a smaller version of the adult body. A small fracture can have little to no effect on an adult body but can be critical as far as a child is concerned. That is why, in case of serious injuries or otherwise, children must be attended to by people who have specialized training in treating children.




Hospitals, the refuge of the unwell, are fast springing up in different parts of the country, thereby, ensuring that everyone has access to basic healthcare. But the statistics paint a too rosy picture. While the state of some of these hospitals is far from satisfactory, the others are not quite known for their munificence.

Malpractices in certain hospitals:

Greed knows no bounds. This is a particularly ill-fitting quality for a doctor. People are accustomed to trusting their doctors blindly and often take theirs as the last word. This is not even possible to imagine today. Doctors, often touted as the ‘saviours’, are hardly trustworthy nowadays as their attitude is dominated by money mindedness.

Patients today, are subjected to scores of tests for even a trivial fever. This is especially hard on the not-so-well-off as they are completely at the mercy of these doctors. Surgeries are carried out without proper warnings and in some cases, needlessly. People are admitted to the hospitals for days together. These long sojourns in hospitals have become the life story of the ailing and the old. It is not to say that hospitals have all turned haywire. But, the number of hospitals that are akin to vultures (feeding off the dying in this case) is not a dismal figure.

This disgusting culture is pervading the walls of many more hospitals rendering more and more people helpless. The only way out is to stay alert and agile and not be susceptible to this deception.

Ways to Avoid?

Be in the light. It is not just lazy, it is irresponsible to leave everything in the hands of the doctors. This is possible only if one maintains a steady line of communication with the team of medical professionals. Enquiring about the treatment is crucial as it is the only way to keep a check on them. Also, be it surgeries or prescriptions, it is very important to receive things in writing so that there is a proper documentation. Giving informed consents is a must.

Medicine is undoubtedly a holy profession — that not every doctor is a saint and every nurse an angel is a bitter truth to swallow. But being aware is the only armor to fight these situations.




A hospital is a place where all patients come to be treated for various diseases they are suffering from. Some of them may suffer from a minor injury or disease, while some of them may be critical and suffering from major diseases. The hospital must be prepared for all types of patients. The best way to handle different kinds of patients is to set up different departments.

Each department must handle patients as per their core working areas. Such departmentalization would not only make the working efficient but will also prove to be effective for the patients. Instead of gathering all the patients at one place and wasting their valuable time, we can separate them into departments and start the treatment as soon as possible.

Some patients that are in need of emergency service will also be benefitted from such services.

The top 3 departments that every hospital must have are:

  1. Accident and Emergency department:

This department is a must for every hospital. We can never predict an accident or sudden major symptoms of a disease. The emergency department should always be well prepared for such incidences. The hospitals should not only be ready with a doctor for such emergency treatments but should also the subordinating staff who can provide the ancillary services. Mostly, such cases are registered at night. Hence, hospitals should offer such facilities at night as well.

  1. Critical Care:

More commonly known as ICU i.e. Intensive care unit. Certain patients need close and regular monitoring. Sometimes, a normal patient would also need to be shifted to this department if his/her condition worsens. Hence, a critical care department is essential.

  1. Cardiology:

This department is related to heart problems. Looking into the number of heart patients and the emergency services needed by them, this department is undoubtedly a necessary department.

Apart from these, there are various other departments needed by the hospitals that are also important for e.g. anesthetics, geriatrics, general surgery, gynecology etc. But looking into the severity, the above-mentioned 3 departments are the most important.




Opening a hospital and managing it efficiently is a very big thing. It involves various factors associated with it. A hospital needs an administration system to manage its working, a proper financial system to manage its budget and expense, proper security for patients and also the equipment etc.

Almost all hospitals are well-equipped and have all these facilities. However, there is some extra effort that a hospital has to put in order to get the best response of the patients.

Here are some of the practices that a hospital should follow to provide the best experience to its patients:

  1. The hospital should maintain proper cleanliness measures. A hospital is a home for various types of germs and bacteria. If the cleanliness is not properly maintained, a healthy patient will also fall ill.


  1. There should be proper handling & maintenance of the equipment and instruments used in the hospital. The surgical instruments are needed to be handled carefully, and they are quite expensive. Hence, careless handling will lead to a major loss.


  1. The emergency ward or the area should be properly maintained. If the emergency ward is not well-maintained, there can be a loss of the patient’s life.


  1. The hospitals can reduce the variance of services available and focus on some core areas where the hospitals can provide its best facilities. This will ensure the best output from the doctors.


  1. The working of the hospitals should be strictly as per the rules and regulations of the medical authority. This will enable patients to trust the hospital.


  1. The basic facilities such as waiting rooms and canteens should also be well maintained. Along with the patients, the family members accompanying them should also be treated well.

The best hospitals are the ones that provide the best of the facilities to its patients. A small clinic will also be recommended by people if the doctor and the facilities provided by them are of high quality. If the hospitals fail to follow the basic procedures and standards, nobody will recommend them.




Going to a hospital is usually a scary task. Whatever may be the reason, no one prefers going to the hospital. We normally go to the hospitals during emergencies. What if we end up going to the wrong hospital when it is urgent?

Some people take precautions for this and choose a hospital in advance for such unforeseen risks. If you shift to a new place where you might face similar problems, at such times choosing the right medical treatment becomes essential.

Here are some of the tips for choosing the right hospital

  • Research about the hospital:

The first thing that you need to do is a bit of research. You can search online for the ratings about the hospital. You can also search for the reviews on the hospital. Mostly, if the customers are happy with the services of the hospital, they will give a positive rating and a review about what services they have liked. If unsatisfied, they also leave a negative comment. Such reviews are very helpful for determining the status of the hospital.

  • Go to the Hospital website:

The online website will be helpful for knowing about the details of the hospital. You can know the exact location and the timings through the website. Besides this, you can also know about the specialties of the hospital. This will also help you to know whether the hospital is available for emergency services at odd times such as midnight.

  • Government surveys:

One can get a review of the surveys conducted by the government. The ranking will help you to decide which hospital is best.

  • Various online comparisons:

Today, there are various websites that provide you with a comparison of various things such as insurance policies, cars, travel websites etc. You can utilize the comparisons provided by these sites and choose a hospital according to various points of judgment such as consulting charges, specialty, timings etc.

  • Recommendations:

The best way to choose the best hospital is to ask a local doctor, he/she will give you the best review as he/she is well aware of this field.

Hence, choosing a hospital is no more a difficult task with the help of the above-mentioned points.




Bronchoscopy is a technique amid which an inspector utilizes a survey tube to assess a patient’s lung and aviation routes including the voice box and vocal rope, trachea and numerous branches of bronchi.

Despite the fact that I bronchoscope does not take into consideration coordinate survey and review of the lung tissue itself. tests of the lung tissue can be biopsied through the bronchoscope for examination in the research center.

Bronchoscopy is normally performed by a pulmonologist or a thoracic specialist.

There are two sorts of bronchoscopes – an adaptable fiberoptic bronchoscope and an inflexible bronchoscope. The fiberoptic bronchoscope has logically supplanted the inflexible bronchoscope in view of general convenience. In a few patients, adaptable fiberoptic bronchoscopy can be performed without anesthesia, however by and large, cognizant sedation is used. In any case, inflexible bronchoscopy requires general anesthesia and the administrations of an anesthesiologist. Amid the bronchoscopy, the analyst can see the tissues of the airways either specifically by looking through the instrument or by a survey on a TV screen.

There Are Two Types Of Bronchoscopy : –

a standard tube that is more unbending and a fiberoptic tube that is more adaptable. The unbending instrument does not twist, does not see as far down into the lungs as the adaptable one, and may convey a more serious danger of making damage adjacent structures. Since it can cause more distress than the adaptable bronchoscope, it, as a rule, requires general anesthesia. Be that as it may, it is helpful for taking extensive examples of tissue and for expelling outside bodies from the aviation routes. Amid the system, the aviation route is never hindered since oxygen can be provided through the bronchoscope.

According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer of the lung and bronchi is the second most common cancer among both men and women and is the leading cause of cancer death in both sexes in the United States.

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